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What parents need to know about concussions and teens

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on July 27, 2022

It's common for some parents to have that "bracing yourself" moment while watching their teen play sports, especially one that involves contact like football, soccer, or lacrosse. That's because a few moments of particularly heated play and bam, there could be a potential injury on the field. The biggest concern: Is that adolescent going to have a concussion that will affect them for weeks, or even months? For parents looking to ease that worry and uncertainty, here are three facts about concussions, along with some good news that might lighten some parental anxiety.

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Parents, here's how well-child visits can boost your children's long-term health

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on July 06, 2022

With busy schedules and kids who only fight mild colds occasionally, it can be easy to let well-child visits drop down the family to-do list. But scheduling an annual exam and discussion with your child's doctor can be incredibly helpful long-term.

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5 of the most frequent health risks among firefighters

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on June 29, 2022

Right after fighting a blaze, firefighters often feel the short-term effects of smoke and heat, such as dehydration, stinging eyes, congestion, and coughing. Most are also aware of longer-term difficulties like asthma and heart disease, but there are also some risks that may be unexpected. Continue reading for five that are more prevalent within the firefighter community when compared to the general population.

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This is how stress affects a police officer's health

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on June 22, 2022

Few would be surprised to hear that stress is common in police work. One study in Frontiers in Psychology notes that 85 percent of officers surveyed showed signs of high operational stress levels, and 28 percent of those were considered in distress.

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Ready to help the environment? Start with these 5 steps

Posted by AllWays Health Partners Blog Team on April 21, 2022

News about climate change can feel disheartening the more we learn about environmental shifts that lead to wildfires, melting ice caps, species depletion, drought, and expanded disease prevalence. Although it can all seem overwhelming taking small steps to be more environmentally conscious may have a bigger effect than you might think.

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