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Answers to common provider questions about high-performance networks

Posted by Christine Murphy on July 14, 2021

Based on input from our members and employers, we created high-performance networks to support our mission of helping people live healthier lives. With any new product comes questions, so continue reading for insights from Christine Murphy, Vice President of Network Management at AllWays Health Partners to learn more about how these networks support our commitment to our community. 

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How do payment policies work?

Posted by Christine Murphy on June 16, 2020

We're often asked why all payers don’t work from the same set of payment policies. The answer may surprise you: payers’ payment policies are in fact all nearly identical. Why the confusion?

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Commitment to accessible care: Opposing changes to public charge laws

Posted by Christine Murphy on August 27, 2019

Recently, the Trump administration finalized its changes to the federal immigration policy known as the "public charge rule" for legal immigrants in need of public assistance. According to the National Immigration Law Center, The term “public charge” is used in immigration law to describe someone who is dependent on the government support. Though the term is currently in use, the proposed new rule would broaden the definition. These changes would mean that enrollment in public benefits, such as Medicaid, and food and housing assistance, would be a reason to deny permanent citizenship to the United States. 

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Why unlisted CPT codes can cause trouble when filing claims

Posted by Christine Murphy on August 22, 2019

Recently we published an article about the anatomy of a CPT code. In it, we explained how these digits keep everything clear and consistent for payers and providers. But what about unlisted codes? Some payers have stopped accepting them altogether. Here's why. 

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Don't fear failure: Amazon's philosophy of innovation & health care

Posted by Christine Murphy on August 01, 2019

Last July, I wrote about my experiences working in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom and what Amazon has to teach us about innovation

It's a year later, and Amazon is still on everybody's mind. Recently, CNBC published an article about what Peter Neupert, former CEO of, learned from Amazon's business practices when he shadowed Jeff Bezos. 

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