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5 health industry podcasts to tune into today

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on September 10, 2020

More than 155 million people listen to podcasts each week — including hundreds of free health-related podcasts. With so many to choose from, which ones should you be listening to? Here are five podcasts that are worth your time. 

According to self-described "podcast geeks" of, a podcast is simply an audio program that you can listen to on demand. Their convenience and portability make them a hugely popular way to consume content with over 700,000 active podcasts. But you don't have to sift through all 700,000 to find great health-care content. Here are our top podcast recommendations for September 2020. 


Mass General's Charged podcast is “devoted to uncovering the stories of the relentless daily pursuit at Mass General to break boundaries and provide exceptional care.”

New episodes are released every other week featuring health experts weighing in on a wide variety of medical topics including HIV care, the latest ALS research, physician burnout, and health care inequality. You can listen to Charged in your favorite podcast app. Click here to subscribe to Charged.

The Next Big Thing in Health

America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) offers The Next Big Thing in Health, a podcast all about the latest advancements in our industry. In each episode, a guest expert dives into what they think is the most pressing issue in health care today. Past topics include caregiving during COVID-19, common health care misconceptions, making sure patients are heard, and more. Conversation generally revolves around making American health care better, easier to access, and more affordable. Click here to subscribe to The Next Big Thing in Health.

TEDTalks Health

Chances are you're already familiar with TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design). TEDTalks Health aggregates over 100 episodes of content about medical technology, mental health, the latest knowledge of COVID-19, and more. The popularity of TEDTalks means that you can recommend this podcast to your patients as well, allowing both you and your patients to learn something new. Click here to see the full list of TEDTalks Health topics.

Medtech Talk

Medtech Talk is hosted by Medtech Conference, an annual conference dedicated to bringing together the leading experts in medical technology. Although his year’s conference was cancelled due to COVID-19, the Medtech Talk podcast continues the conversation about the latest health-care tech. Entrepreneurs, investors, and executives bringing their firsthand knowledge to Medtech Talk. Click here to subscribe to MedTech Talk.

Digital Health Today

Currently in it's 11th season, the Digital Health Today boasts over 100 episodes. The podcast stays fresh by inviting special guests from all walks of life to discuss varying topics in the health care industry. CEOs, inventors, physicians, and even patients from around the world offer their knowledge, creating a balanced perspective on the state of global health care. Topics range from needs-based innovation and COVID-19 campaigns to artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Click here to subscribe to Digital Health Today.

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