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6 Boston nurses honored in Reebok's new ad campaign

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on September 29, 2020

Reebok recently launched the “Reebok x Wonder Woman 84” collection, a collaboration with the upcoming Wonder Women 1984 movie. Six Boston-area nurses —Cassie Moy, Vilma Pacheco, Taylor Meyer, Suki Stiles, Solange Rosa, and Kathryn D’Innocenzo — tell their personal wonder woman stories in Rebebok's campaign documentary.

Reebok's ad campaign for their Wonder Woman 1984 collaboration highlights the six nurses as real-life wonder women, giving them a platform to share their experiences with the COVID-19 outbreak. In a short documentary video made by Reebok, the clinicians share what it's like working during a pandemic and what inspires them to keep going despite the uncertainty and hardship.

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic

ER nurse Kathryn D’Innocenzo talks about watching the COVID-19 pandemic unfold in the documentary video: “You just started seeing it spread, and I just kept waiting for it to come to Massachusetts.” Nurse practitioner Tayler Meyer describes treating patients once the virus arrived in Massachusetts: “It was just patient after patient after patient coming in, and not just with symptoms. They were struggling to breathe.” RN Suki Stiles described the severity of the disease, saying “People who didn’t have any medical conditions were being intubated. It seems like healthy people were getting it.”

The clinicians began to worry that they might get COVID-19 as well. Nurse practitioner Vilma Pacheco said, “Not knowing if we were going to be sick, if we were the ones that would die, was just one of the most horrifying experiences of my career.” They also feared accidentally spreading COVID-19 to family. “I have a very close-knit family, and I haven’t been able to see with them or be with them,” said Taylor Meyer.

Becoming wonder women

Despite the struggles each clinician is going through while fighting against COVID-19, none of them are about to quit. “What motivates me every day to go to work are my patients,” ER nurse Solange Rosa said. “Whether it’s the homeless guy down the street or the president of the hospital I work for, they just keep me coming because I know I’m going to make a difference in their lives.” They were also happily surprised at how the community banded together to help them in return. “People were out every day asking what we needed,” said Kathryn D’Innocenzo. In reference to the companies that offered free lunches and coffee to nurses, Suki Stiles said “I want to write every single company who did that. It was probably one of the most amazing things.”

Though each woman is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Reebok’s campaign, they also believe that the other women they work with are just as strong, courageous, and inspirational. “They make me better,” said Vilma Pacheco about her female colleagues, “They make me want to be better.” They don’t feel that all the praise and adoration they’re getting from others is necessary. “A lot of people will say, ‘You’re a hero, you’re Wonder Woman,’ and all that,” said RN Cassie Moy, “I’m just doing my job.”

Taylor Meyer said it best: “Although this is honoring my story and my experience, I’m really representing all the amazing women that I work with, who inspire me.”

Watch the full video documentary from Reebok and earn more about the “Reebok x Wonder Women ‘84” collection here.

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