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Insider News: Coronavirus mandates and other stories

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on August 25, 2020

Today's post is from our broker blog, AllWays Insider. We're sharing it because it has some great information on how Massachusetts is continuing to respond to the pandemic, why employers should support their employees' mental health, and how virtual visits can be better than in-person appointments.

Learn about the latest Massachusetts coronavirus mandates, the importance of mental health support in the workplace, and the advantages of telemedicine and virtual visits in this week's Insider News.

Charlie Baker indefinitely postpones second step of Phase 3 in Massachusetts, ramps up coronavirus enforcement as cases climb from Boston Herald

Gov. Charlie Baker indefinitely postponed the second step of Phase 3 of the state's coronavirus reopening plan, continuing the ban on indoor shows at performance venues and further postponing activities such as laser tag and roller skating.

Outdoor gathering sizes will be rolled back to 50 people from 100, while indoor gathering sizes remain capped at 25 people. Face coverings are required when more than 10 people from different households will be in the same place. The rules apply on both public and private property.

Restaurant guidelines are also being updated to make it clear that alcoholic beverages can only be served with food prepared on-site, and that "bars masquerading as restaurants also need to be closed," Baker said. State and local police will be enforcing public health orders alongside local inspectors and boards of health.

The importance of mental health support in the workplace from Forbes

As conversations around mental health become more common in the wake of COVID-19, it's become more important than ever for employers to provide a workplace environment that's understanding of employees' mental health care and needs. 

Stigma against discussing mental health can lead employees to feel unsupported and have an impact on job performance and loyalty. Younger generations are especially open toward mental health needs, including taking time off of work due to stress. But, many are still hesitant to talk to their employer about these issues.

To help leadership address stigma and support team engagement during and beyond the pandemic, experts from Deloitte suggest:

  • Staying connected
  • Collaborating on solutions
  • Looking at the big picture
  • Offering resources
  • Taking time to talk and listen


What a doctor learns from watching you on video chat from The Atlantic

Telemedicine and virtual care aren't just a convenient way to get care during a time when patients feel uncomfortable visiting their doctor's office. These virtual visits can also have a real advantage over in-person appointments.

Some benefits of telemedicine include:

  • Blood pressure measurements taken when patients are alone in a quiet place are more accurate
  • Anxiety and fear can lead to higher blood pressure recordings in a clinical setting, making at-home tests a better measurement
  • Some patients may perform better on cognitive tests done via telehealth, where patients are relaxed and calm in their own home
  • A familiar environment can help patients, especially young children, be more relaxed with their provider and less uncomfortable

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Disclaimer: The content in this blog post represents the clinical opinions of the providers at AllWays Health Partners and is based on the most currently available clinical and governmental guidance.

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