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Coming soon! Enhancements to your prior authorization tools

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on July 14, 2020

Right now, you have more on your mind than administrative processes. So we're streamlining the process of checking and requesting prior authorizations. Read on to learn about the new tools and when they'll be available. 

Search requirements by code

Just checking authorization requirements can take up a lot of time. This fall, we'll be launching a code search tool to make it easier for you to find requirements -- and avoid submitting unnecessary prior authorization requests. With the code lookup tool, you can input a code and instantly see its authorization requirements. We're rolling this tool out on our public website and, later, in our provider portal. 

Not registered for our portal? Check out our quick video for how to get started. 

Want to learn more about our new prior authorization tools?

You can find the latest news on our authorization enhancements web page

Immediate service approval

In September, we're making more enhancements to the prior authorization functionality in our provider portal (so registering now will save you time!). Starting in September, you'll have a streamlined experience. Our tool will allow you to request authorizations and enter medical necessity information in one screen. Even more exciting, you'll get approval within seconds for medically necessary outpatient services.  This means that you’ll be able to get approvals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We’ve designed these enhancements to speed up the authorization process, allowing you to discuss next steps with your patients before they’ve even left your office.

Removing requirements

In addition to implementing a code search function and offering faster approvals, we’re also changing the authorization requirements for some services altogether. AllWays Health Partners will be lifting the prior authorization requirement across all lines of services that are currently managed by eviCore effective July 1, 2020. These services include:

  • Diagnostic heart catheterizations
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Radiation therapy
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • And more

The full list of changes can be found here.

None of the other services managed by eviCore will be changing and will continue to require prior authorization. A list of those services, which require prior authorization through eviCore, will be updated on eviCore’s webpage on July 1, 2020.

More to come with Roadmap 2020

We’re excited to implement these new tools and make your experience better, but these aren’t the only updates we’re panning for the near future. Visit our Roadmap 2020 page to learn more about all of the upcoming enhancements for you and your patients. 

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Disclaimer: The content in this blog post represents the clinical opinions of the providers at AllWays Health Partners and is based on the most currently available clinical and governmental guidance.

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