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Get started with telemedicine in as little as 48-hours

Posted by Provider Networks Team on February 09, 2021

Nearly one year ago at the start of the pandemic, AllWays developed a customized telehealth solution in partnership with Microsoft Teams to help providers continue to care for patients. The response from our network providers has been overwhelmingly positive, which aligns with trends we're seeing across the country.

Called AllWays on Teams, our proprietary telehealth solution is available to all providers contracted with AllWays Health Partners. To learn more how AllWays Health Partners built this solution at the start of the pandemic, read the AllWays on Teams customer story.

Telemedicine services grew by more than 4000% in April 2020

According to U.S. News & World Report, "a study recently published in JAMA Network Open evaluated how health services changed in March and April 2020, during the early part of the pandemic in the United States, among 6.8 million people covered by commercial insurance. The study found that use of in-person medical services dropped by 23% in March and 52% in April, and that telemedicine services grew by more than 1000% in March and more than 4000% in April."

Telemedicine is here to stay

At UCLA Health in Los, Angeles, California, healthcare professional Deidre Keeves pushed for virtual appointments before the pandemic. Her team saw some success with an average of 100 virtual visits per day. When the pandemic hit, that number jumped to 3,000 – 4,000 telemedicine visits per day by May 2020.

In September 2020, we asked our Provider Roundtable online advisory group how their work and their relationship with their patients has changed through the pandemic. Telehealth figured prominently in their responses. Providers were pleasantly surprised by the level of care they were still able to deliver through video visits. "Telehealth is not as big a barrier to building therapeutic alliance as I thought it would [be]," commented one respondent. 

Present day, UCLA Health doctors reported 2,700 telemedicine visits per day. Keeves expects for that number to hold steady even when the pandemic is under control. Telemedicine benefits the doctor and the patients saving both time and travel. Plus, doctors can see patients virtually anywhere with telemedicine, allowing physicians to serve a larger population. Virtual visits are typically ideal for follow-up appointments, medication instruction, and talking with a mental health provider. Keeves noted, "We are not using technology to replace the doctor-patient relationship. We're using technology to supplement and support that relationship."

Start using AllWays on Teams today

If you're paying for a telehealth solution, now is a good time to switch to AllWays on Teams. Your practice can be up and running on Teams in as little as two business days. 

  1. Designate a user administrator for your practice to manage the account and register all the users in your practice.
  2. The administrator adds all users in your practice with this registration form. Here are a few tips to make sure we can set up your account quickly:
    • Submit one form per user
    • Complete the form with each user’s unique name, phone number, email address, and individual NPI (for clinicians)
    • Submit only one group and individual NPI per form
  3. About two business days after receiving your user information, your practice administrator will get three emails:
    • Instructions for how to register your practice. You only need to do this once.
    • All your usernames
    • All your temporary passwords. Users will need to update their passwords the first time they log in.

For more information about AllWays on Teams, you can reference our frequently asked questions.

What if I’m not a participating provider?

Virtual care is essential during the current COVID-19 crisis. For this reason, we're offering new providers expedited access to AllWays on Teams once they complete our letter of interest. You will be able to register your practice in days without waiting to complete the contracting and credentialing process. 

Fill out our letter of interest now to get started.


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Disclaimer: The content in this blog post represents the clinical opinions of the providers at AllWays Health Partners and is based on the most currently available clinical and governmental guidance.

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