Getting to work: Employers’ role in COVID-19 vaccination

Posted by McKinsey & Company on April 22, 2021

As more people are vaccinated throughout the United States, optimism is growing as we imagine a new phase of normalcy. As the access to vaccines increases nationwide, there is still some sense of hesitancy and uncertainty on how this will impact new variants that emerge. Herd immunity or population immunity is dependent on getting most people vaccinated which creates an opportunity for employers to support their employees throughout this process.

McKinsey & Company outlined why employers are uniquely positioned to support COVID-19-vaccine adoption. Read the full article to see how employers can support return-to-work efforts and accelerate the path to societal and economic recovery. You’ll also learn:

  • what vaccine-adoption support actions employees say they want from their employers and how that compares with what employers are doing today
  • what roles employers could play—and are playing—in supporting vaccination in their workforce, broader networks, and communities
  • how employers could navigate a return to work across a range of vaccination scenarios (for example, where only part of the workforce is vaccinated)

Read the full article with data pulled from the McKinsey 2021 Consumer Health Insights Survey March 21 2021. See one example below:

Achieving herd immunity will likely require at least all consumers who are interested to get vaccinated.

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