Insider News: Sept. 26, 2019

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on September 26, 2019

A major challenge in the health insurance industry is adaptation to change: in technology, generational values, and the way we access care. This week, we're sharing data on the increase in physicians willing to use telehealth, plus statistics on how Gen Z and Millennials compare to older generations when it comes to visiting a doctor or the ER.


Physician willingness to use telehealth increases, motivated by access, burnout: Survey

American Well’s 2019 physician survey finds 69% of physicians would be willing to use telehealth, up from 57% in 2015. This increase in physician willingness is the result of a decrease in the number of physicians who are unsure about telehealth. Other findings include:  

  • A total of 22% of physicians have used telehealth to see patients, up 340% from 2015 when only 5% of physicians reported having ever used telehealth.
  • Access is a key driver of telehealth adoption.
  • There's a high correlation between burnout and interest in telehealth.
  • By 2022, between 340,000 and 590,000 physicians expect to be using telehealth.
  • While most physicians use telehealth occasionally, by 2022 over half say they will use it frequently. 
  • Physician barriers to telehealth include uncertainty around reimbursement and questions about clinical appropriateness. 



Survey: Most Gen Z and Millennial patients research cost burden before visiting doctor

A survey by TransUnion Healthcare revealed 75% of patients are looking up the cost of medical procedures online. Among the findings: 

  • 62% of patients said knowing their estimated OOP costs can influence whether or not they will access healthcare.
  • 49% said having a clear estimate of financial responsibility will impact whether they visit a certain provider.
  • 85% and 84% of Gen Z and Millennial patients, respectively, said they research their cost burden before visiting the doctor. Between 60 and 65% said costs can sway whether they visit the doctor or hospital.
  • 73% of Gen X patients said they looked up health care costs online, compared to 65% of Baby Boomers, while 44% and 34% of Gen X and Baby Boomer patients, respectively, said online price transparency influenced their healthcare access decisions. 



Study: Nearly three in four Americans say it’s easier to go to the ER than to get a doctor’s appointment

Zocdoc study reveals 73% of Americans think it’s easier to go to the ER than to get a doctor’s appointment. The study found that even though 84% of Americans have an established relationship with a primary care physician, the majority (65%) would still visit the ER if they couldn’t get in to see a doctor at the office quickly enough. Younger generations like Millennials (ages 25-39) and Gen Z (ages 18-24) were even more likely to do so (71% and 69%, respectively).

The study also found 33% had gone to the ER for non-urgent medical care and 14% view the ER as their primary care doctor. Again, younger generations are most responsible for this growing trend. A quarter of Gen Z (25%) and Millennials (24%) view the ER as their primary care doctor, which represents a stark contrast to 3% of Boomers (ages 55+) and 14% of Gen X (ages 40-54) respondents who said the same. 



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