Let’s compare the top small group health plans in Massachusetts

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on June 17, 2020

Each quarter, we release a new plan comparison chart to help you assess the value of the top small group health plans in Massachusetts. Now that carriers have released their Q3 plan details, let’s look at how their premiums and benefits add up to provide value to your clients’ businesses and their employees, or for your own company’s planning.

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About the chart

Since last fall, we’ve been sharing our research on Massachusetts’ top small group health plans in the form of a plan comparison worksheet. Our goal is to help you get a more complete picture of each plan’s value, from premiums and deductibles to network size, hospital access, and unique benefits.

The included plans are grouped by metallic tier and listed in the order of lowest premiums to highest. We’ve also included information about member cost sharing for some of the most commonly used services, like primary care visits and prescription medications. Finally, the chart contains information about some of the unique perks that come with each plan.

For more information about how we created this chart, check out our introductory post, How do Massachusetts’ top small employer health plans stack up?

How to customize this worksheet

This chart is designed to be flexible to meet your plan comparison needs. If you don’t see a plan you’re interested in here, it’s easy to add in a row and fill out that plan’s information. You can also add columns if there are other features or considerations that we haven’t included.

It you want to see how these plans and their benefits have changed over time, you can also download the Q2 version of this chart.

Using this worksheet as a starting point for your own comparisons will help you identify key plan differences for your clients or your business, so you make an informed decision when choosing the right health plan.

We hope this chart will continue to be a useful resource for assessing the value of small group health plans. Visit our health plan comparison page to download your copy today.

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