Uncover how some of Boston's top business executives are using technology to support growth in 2021

Posted by Boston Business Journal on May 13, 2021

Change and innovation are to be expected in the 21st century but no one could anticipate the changes 2020 brought to businesses worldwide. Leaders had to pivot organizations into a dynamic infrastructure, where employees could work remotely to keep their companies up and running. Now, as more people are vaccinated throughout the country, we see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. This is prompting business executives to look ahead at how to move forward in 2021, and beyond.

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Is it safe to travel, stay in a hotel, or go to a grocery store if you're fully vaccinated? Find out what one infectious disease specialist had to say.

Posted by Alyssa Malmquist on May 06, 2021

For anyone that's fully vaccinated, you're probably wondering what this means for you going forward. In addition to guidelines from the CDC, we wanted to share a 1-on-1 interview with Infectious Disease Specialist and Medical Director at AllWays Health Partners, Dr. James Hellinger. Below he answers some of today's most buzzed-about questions circling everyone's minds regarding safety with transportation, travel, grocery stores, and restaurants.

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3 practices that help create a safe space for the Autistic community

Posted by Alyssa Malmquist on April 29, 2021

During Autism Acceptance Month we want to provide opportunities to increase understanding and acceptance of people with Autism, fostering worldwide support. Below you'll find three practices that help create a safe space for Autistic patients in a healthcare setting, but know these are applicable to any environment.

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Getting to work: Employers’ role in COVID-19 vaccination

Posted by McKinsey & Company on April 22, 2021

As more people are vaccinated throughout the United States, optimism is growing as we imagine a new phase of normalcy. As the access to vaccines increases nationwide, there is still some sense of hesitancy and uncertainty on how this will impact new variants that emerge. Herd immunity or population immunity is dependent on getting most people vaccinated which creates an opportunity for employers to support their employees throughout this process.

McKinsey & Company outlined why employers are uniquely positioned to support COVID-19-vaccine adoption. Read the full article to see how employers can support return-to-work efforts and accelerate the path to societal and economic recovery. You’ll also learn:

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Learn how the U.S. is taking on health inequities for POC during the vaccine rollout

Posted by Alyssa Malmquist on April 15, 2021

Research shows that people of color have been impacted disproportionately by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about what initiatives are in place nationwide and in the state of Massachusetts to combat this disproportion during the vaccine rollout.

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