Effective open enrollment communications strategies for a remote workforce

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on October 27, 2020

As employers prepare to kick off open enrollment for workplace benefits, this year will feel different, like many other aspects of our lives. With the future still uncertain regarding infection rates, future vaccines, and the flu, the decisions employees make could be more critical than ever to ensure they’re protecting themselves, their families, and their finances against unexpected events.

So how can employers best communicate with their remote workforce to help them get the most out of their health care benefits package? This year, you’ll likely need to rely on digital solutions, such as texting, video, on-demand technologies, and virtual events.

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5 tips to help companies make the most of their health plan offering

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on February 04, 2020

With today’s low unemployment rate and the resulting competition for talent, many employers are looking to their health benefits to retain employees and grow their teams. While 20% of employers increased their health care benefits from 2018 to 2019,  there's a less costly way to maximize this benefit: by taking full advantage of the resources your health plan already offers. Here are 5 tips to help employers and their employees make full use of their current health plan.

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Improve workplace wellness with volunteer programs

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on January 14, 2020

January 20, 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the day Congress designated Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a national day of service. This holiday, often called a “a day on, not a day off,” encourages all Americans to volunteer to improve their communities. This holiday means that January is a great time to start an employee volunteer program (EVP). These initiatives aren’t just good for local charity organizations—they also have real benefits to workplace wellness, including increases in productivity and decreases in absenteeism.

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4 key insights into Millennials’ health care decisions

Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on October 01, 2019

Every generation carries its own health care needs and service expectations. As Millennials become the largest generation in the workforce, it’s a good idea to understand their health care attitudes and preferences. By doing so, you’ll be able to create benefit designs that satisfy your current employees and appeal to the top talents in the next generation of workers.

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