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Posted by AllWays Health Partners blog team on September 12, 2019

The health insurance market can be tough to navigate, with complicated plans, rising costs, a myriad of acronyms and regulations, and ever-changing benefit designs and products. It challenges brokers, employers, and insurers alike to find the best strategy, the greatest value, the right solution.

That's why we’re launching the AllWays Insider blog: your source for insights, trends, and tips to help you find your way around our local insurance market and get the best value possible.

How do we decide what to cover here? We ask our broker partners and employer clients. You said you want insights into topics like cost drivers and trends, how consumer attitudes about accessing care are changing, and how to build an employer wellness program — and we're delivering.

Here are ten topics we’ll be exploring together in the weeks and months ahead:

  1. Rising health care costs: key drivers and the latest strategies to address them
  2. Defining health plan value: how you can tell when you're getting it, and when you're not
  3. Ways to develop a culture of wellness, including implementing a wellness program
  4. Addressing employee concerns when switching health plans
  5. Innovations, trends, and attitudes in health care and health insurance
  6. How you can help employees get the most out of their coverage   
  7. How insurers and provider can collaborate more effectively to improve quality, lowers costs, and create a better experience
  8. Common areas of health plan confusion and what you can do about it
  9. Updates on legislative and regulatory news
  10. Dispelling health care and health insurance myths and misconceptions

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